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Wedding Photography - My Story

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Wedding Photography - My Story

Jon Brown

Scaling a shaky ladder to get the shot.

"Can you be the photographer at our wedding tomorrow?"

This was a question I was asked back in 2007. I had just returned home from a year in Toronto and had no idea that this request was coming my way.

While in Canada I had purchased my first camera, taken photos at a few events, and quickly developed an enjoyment of photography.

The couple who had requested I take their wedding photos had no money to pay me and made it clear there was no pressure - so I took the job!

I instantly fell in love with wedding photography. I suppose that was always going to happen. I love weddings and I found that as the photographer you get a unique insight into the day itself.

My photography style has always been a more natural one. I prefer to take less formal, more relaxed and fun shots and I quickly found out that that's what many people are wanting from their wedding day photos.

As requests for my services came in I started to really develop as a wedding photographer. While my skill and quality of photos increased I also found that it takes a lot more than knowing how to use a camera. You need to understand (and care about) people. Wedding days are amazing. But they're also intense. Lots of people, lots of family who haven't seen each other in years (often intentionally), and ultimately a lot of emotions - mostly good ones! You need to be someone who can organise, empathise and manage large numbers of people (who are usually intoxicated with emotion and/or something stronger).

It's a unique job and a unique challenge. It's something you have to have the right personality for. Having done it now for over 7 years I must admit it's become much easier. But there's always new challenges. Perhaps in a future post I'll divulge some of my craziest wedding day stories - like the time a fight broke out, or the time the grandmother of the groom fell and cracked her head open just before the wedding started - but I'll save those for another day!

In the meantime why not check out some of my wedding photos here

And if you have any questions about being a wedding photography please do share them in the comments below or get in touch via twitter/email/carrier pigeon.